Frequently asked questions

What is Physeek Fit Trainings?  Is it a new program?

Physeek Fit Trainings is new program launched to provide human-centric assistance with all the tools required for a student to be in touch with the Trainer throughout his fitness journey. The program not only provides workout and meal plans, it gives constant assistant throughout the program. Of course, the program is newly launched, but the Trainers are both certified and experienced. They have immense experience in helping clients in Gyms. Transition from Gym assistance to Online Assistance is a big change. So, we have Personal Assistants who will efficiently help the Trainers to easily adopt to this change.

What kinds of Trainings to do you provide?

Physeek Fit provides online trainings in the following categories. 1. Weight-Loss Moderate Intensity Training 2. Strength and Endurance Training 3. Competitive Bodybuilding Training 4. Group workout Training 5. Knowledge Sharing through daily Question & Answer Sessions.

Who are you Trainers?

Our Trainers are Gym Trainers who are certified and have experience in handling all types of clients.

Why Physeek Fit Training?

Because, you are always in touch with your trainer and not limited to scheduled sessions. This program just don't provide you the workout plans and diet plans. It provides you an assistant who will be with you until you reach your goal. Share your workouts, diet, pictures and even videos. This is a human-centric program where you will be greeted by a real-people and not by an auto-bot.

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